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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning for the Hollister and Gilroy Area


Specialized Tile and Grout Cleaning tools and attachments

Specializing in first-class steam carpet cleaning along with tile and grout cleaning for commercial and residential facilities. Bigfoot Carpet Cleaning leads the cleaning industry.

We use a specially designed surface spinner cleaning tool that heats water to 240 degrees. The cleaning tool then instantly vacuums it up. This combined with our special cleaning products makes a world of difference in the appearance of your tile and grout.

Kitchen & Bath Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning is a big area of concentration for us here at Big Foot Carpet Cleaning. If the flooring of your kitchen or bathroom has taken on a drab, dingy and just plain unattractive appearance, you don’t have to accept that as your sad fate. Grout lines attract grime, dirt and debris and as a result can be difficult to properly clean. Thankfully for you, we’re experts in tile and grout cleaning.

If you’re frustrated by all of your failed attempts to clean your tile and grout, we can come to your rescue once and for all. Once we’re through cleaning everything, the old and ugly stains that once seemed so resilient will be completely out of your life. When you depend on us for tile and grout cleaning service, you can say hello again to the beautiful, shiny and flawless flooring you once knew. Many people have a tough time cleaning grout due to the fact that it’s porous.

At Big Foot Carpet Cleaning, we’re pros at eliminating the yucky dirt that lives far down in the grout’s pores. Since tile replacement is usually a costly and extremely time-consuming process, our cleaning services are a convenient, easy and hassle-free alternative. Most importantly of all, our tile and grout cleaning services are extremely mild and gentle. When you call us to clean your tile and grout, you never have to fear aggressive and harsh cleaning solutions and techniques. That’s a promise, too. We understand the importance of treating flooring gently.

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